Our Impact

11th June 2015

Enumeration ‘Head Count’ of Street Children

There are challenges in doing a 'headcount' of street children. See why we think it is vital and how Retrak does it by downloading our paper - it is a street child first!

8th May 2015

Retrak Output / Impact Results 2014

This document presents number of beneficiaries (both children and care-givers) we worked with in 2014 under our three strategic priorities.

7th May 2015

Evaluating Outcomes

A pilot study reviewing the use of the Child Status Index tool which track children’s progress along their Retrak journey to establish the impact of Retrak’s programs.

6th May 2015

Hossana mid-term review summary

Retrak’s community prevention program in Hossana, Ethiopia has been transforming lives of children, their families and communities.

5th May 2015

Outcome results – coming soon (report due in 2015)

During 2014 we were able to complete assessments of children’s wellbeing as they transition away from street life, and participated in our family preservation activities.

Research Papers

3rd February 2016

Retrak Reintegration Locations 2014

Each year Retrak maps the locations of children's reintegration placements and tracks trends in locations over time. See the reintegration maps from 2014.

3rd February 2016

Making the Invisible Visible

This report presents an enumeration study of children on the streets in Malawi, in order to inform policy and practice for this often overlooked group of children.

3rd February 2016

Outreach to Children Living on the Street: SOPs

Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for outreach work.

3rd February 2016

Using Creative Therapies with Children from the Streets

In this technical note, we share Retrak Ethiopia’s experience of using creative therapy to support children as they deal with traumas they have been exposed to

3rd February 2016

Retrak Outreach Work

This paper explores Retrak's approach to outreach, giving principles for good practice. We believe effective outreach is essential to give children options for the future

1st February 2016

Independent Living Literature Review

A literature review exploring independent living as an alternative care option for older children leaving the streets.

1st May 2015

Family Reintegration SOPs

Based on UN guidelines for care of children, their rights and attachment theory, Retrak's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for family reintegration are highly rated

Annual Reviews

12th September 2016

Retrak America Annual Report 2016-2016

Download our new-look interactive Annual Report for 2015-2016, highlighting the work that Retrak is doing across Africa and Brazil.

3rd February 2016

Annual Review 2012

3rd February 2016

Annual Review 2011

23rd July 2015

Annual Review 2014

23rd July 2015

Annual Review 2013

5th May 2013

Annual Review 2012

5th May 2012

Annual Review 2011

5th May 2011

Annual Review 2010